Contributing to students’ perception of the relevance and application of mathematics by focusing on their mathematics-related beliefs

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There seems to be a connection between students’ general perception of mathematics as irrelevant and isolated from other subjects and a schema or algorithm- oriented approach to mathematics. Such an approach to mathematics is related to negative beliefs about mathematics (Grigutsch, 1998), and combined with the apprehension that good mathematical skills are a sign of intelligence, the schema-oriented approach can even be connected to low self-efficacy or self-esteem in mathematics (Malmivuori, 1996). By combining the Autonomous Learning Behavior Model (Fennema, 1989) and the Cycle of Mathematics Avoidance (Preis & Biggs, 2001) in the Model of Self-Reinforcing Effect of Negative Mathematics-Related Beliefs, I present how negative beliefs about mathematics can be self-reinforcing. I therefore argue that it is essential to focus on the development of students’ beliefs in mathematics education, particularly about mathematics as a discipline, in order to enhance the students’ apprehension of the role and use of mathematics in the world and to emphasize the interdisciplinary possibilities of mathematics. Working with mathematics-related beliefs as a goal can provide the relevance and motivation for students to change their negative beliefs about mathematics as well as broaden their perspective in other subjects.
TitelMathematics as a Bridge Between the Disciplines : Proceedings of MACAS – 2017 Symposium
RedaktørerClaus Michelsen, Astrid Beckmann, Viktor Freiman, Uffe Thomas Jankvist, C. Michelsen, A. Beckmann, V. Freimann, U.T. Jankvist
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ForlagSyddansk Universitet
Publikationsdato22 nov. 2018
ISBN (Elektronisk)978-87-92321-27-5
StatusUdgivet - 22 nov. 2018
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  • Læring, pædagogik og undervisning
  • beliefs
  • matematikdidaktik
  • matematikundervisning
  • matematikvanskeligheder