CPL - a way to increase student's commitment, involvement and collaboration?

Louise Ærthøj Velling, Mette Yde Larsen

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CPL has for some years been used more or less systematic in elementary and secondary schools in Denmark, but it has not really been applied in higher educational institutions. In the autumn 2013 a experiment with CPL, including all elements from CPL, was carried out at UCN. The evaluation from both students and lecturers indicated that CPL as didactics is difficult directly to adapt in teaching in higher educational level. However, the evaluation indicated that some elements from CPL contributed in a positive way by increasing student’s involvement and commitment. Also a better collaboration between the students was indicated as well as a strengthened social environment in the class.
Based on the experiment, our hypothesis is that the chosen 3 CPL activities will increase the students commitment and involvement in the lectures as well as provide the students with better collaborative competencies.

Publikationsdatomaj 2015
Antal sider1
StatusUdgivet - maj 2015
BegivenhedCHME: The Future is in our Hands - Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, Storbritannien
Varighed: 20 maj 201522 maj 2015


LokationManchester Metropolitan University


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