Aktuelle udfordringer for læreruddannelse i Danmark: Paper præsenteret på den 11. nordiske læreruddannelseskonference.

Hans Jørgen Staugaard, Palle Rasmussen

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    Until recently, teacher education in Denmark for primary and lower secondary school (the Folkeskole) was organised in separate teacher training colleges. During the last ten years two comprehensive reforms of the system of medium cycle higher education have been implemented, first the act on centres of higher education in year 2000 and later the act on university colleges in 2008. These reforms have fundamentally changed the organisation of teacher education. Teacher education programs are now located in university colleges which also run programs in social work, daycare pedagogy, nursing and other subjects. But the university colleges are not part of the regular university sector, so teacher education is still generally separated from the research-based university tradition. Currently this fact is much debated. Two main types of arguments are being put forward for relocating teacher education to universities. One is that it will improve the subject knowledge of teacher and thus enable them to raise the skill levels of Danish students in core subjects. This is deemed necessary in the wake of international comparative surveys of achievement (like the PISA). Another argument is that many students seem to fear being “locked” in the professional role as teacher and would like to have the wider range of choices – and perhaps the higher prestige - available in universities. In the paper we discuss the second of these arguments, the question of recruitment, on the basis of existing evidence. Furthermore we will present and discuss a new model for teacher education being developed in collaboration between the Northern Denmark University College and Aalborg University.
    Bidragets oversatte titelAktuelle udfordringer for læreruddannelse i Danmark: Paper præsenteret på den 11. nordiske læreruddannelseskonference.
    Publikationsdato7 maj 2010
    Antal sider10
    StatusUdgivet - 7 maj 2010
    Begivenhed11. Nordiske Læreruddannelseskonference - Hjørring, Danmark
    Varighed: 7 maj 20108 maj 2010


    Konference11. Nordiske Læreruddannelseskonference


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    Staugaard, H. J., & Rasmussen, P. (2010). Current Challenges to Teacher Education in Denmark: Paper presented on the 11th Nordic Conference on Teacher Education. Afhandling præsenteret på 11. Nordiske Læreruddannelseskonference, Hjørring, Danmark.