De ny Berlingske - og meningen med webtv

Mette Sejsbo, Bo Illum Jørgensen

Publikation: Ph.d. afhandling/ kandidat/ diplomMasterForskning

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The aim of this thesis is to investigate to which extend web TV, when produced at a journalistic news media, can free itself from the influence of older media and eventually develop ways of expression on its own terms. As our case study we have chosen to examine the strategic considerations concerning web TV, as well as the actual daily web TV production at the Danish daily newspaper, Berlingske.
Concerning strategies, we have reached the conclusion that Berlingske’s choice of having web TV as part of their journalistic portfolio, is just as well based on a reaction to a media reality characterized by a perpetual technological development and a fierce and longstanding competition between media companies to get the attention of customers/users, as it is on opting positively for web TV itself. Thereby a deliberate consideration as to what the nature of web TV is, and how it can best add journalistic value to the content provided to Berlingske’s users on various platforms, is pushed aside. We argue that this is reflected both at a structural level when presenting web TV productions on various digital platforms, as well as in the way the individual web TV productions are constructed.
Hence, on the basis of our analysis of a selection of Berlingske’s web TV productions we have come to the conclusion, that various acts of remediation are taking place. The web TV productions at Berlingske are heavily influenced by characteristics from both the printed and digital versions of the newspaper itself, as they are by broadcast television. Nonetheless, we do observe signs of great courage among editors and staff to experiment and try out new narrative methods both in the day-to-day production of web TV at Berlingske, as well as in high-profile projects. Provided that Berlingske to a greater extent than what is happening now, will take the nature and properties of web TV itself into consideration, we do believe that in the long run this could contribute to an innovative redefinition of web TV and hence result in web TV becoming a media on its own terms
StatusUdgivet - jun. 2013


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