Defining, profiling and accommodating Learning Diversity in an International PBL-Environment

Gordon Lindsay Alcock, Henrik Blyt

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    This paper investigates the wide diversity of learning experience, values and expectations of both students and lecturers in an international PBL environment. The results are based on 24 PBL- related learning parameters (inspired by Hofstede´s cultural dimensions) in the form of two questionnaires – one for students and one for teaching staff. The result quantitatively document and graphically illustrates the wide diversity of student learning experience, values and expectations and contrasts them with teaching staff.
    The paper also documents follow-up research into 62% of the same group of students 18 months after the initial survey – to reveal the extent of accommodation and constructive alignment. The authors view the paper as ‘action research’ – the findings being specific to their institution, but could be applied to other PBL teaching and learning situations.
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    StatusUdgivet - 2010