Designing and measuring the impact of using digital learning materials for scaffolding students’ independent decoding and comprehension of unfamiliar texts

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In a design-based research project the aim was to design and measure the impact of using digital learning materials that scaffold Danish second graders’ independent reading of unfamiliar text without controlled vocabulary. In the design process a prototype was evaluated and refined iteratively to see to what extent different students could use the learning material as intended, i.e. in accordance with the envisioned learning trajectory. The design uses text-to-speech technology combined with other scaffolding features (Wood, Bruner & Ross, 1976). The theoretical base is connectionist models of reading and reading acquisition (Seidenberg, 2007) which would predict that in order to lead to strengthened decoding skills through mapping between orthography and phonology, students would have to use text-to-speech only as a backup when their attempt at decoding fails. Furthermore, the design supports students in identifying the most relevant spelling patterns in words they cannot decode independently or effortlessly. In the formative evaluations, students’ interaction with the learning material was recorded using screen recording software. The effect of students using the learning material was measured in a randomized experimental design. In the RCT the control group used the most widely used analogue learning system in Denmark, which has a systematic, phonological approach to reading instruction. Results showed that using the digital material showed no statistically significant difference on decoding measures between the control and treatment group. However, a substantial, statistically significant advantage was found in the treatment group on measures of reading comprehension.
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StatusUdgivet - 2017
BegivenhediARTEM Conference, Lisbon: Changing media – changing schools? - University Lusófona, Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal
Varighed: 27 sep. 201729 okt. 2017
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KonferenceiARTEM Conference, Lisbon
LokationUniversity Lusófona, Lisbon