Developing Methods of praxeology to Perform Document-analysis: Capturing the Neoliberal Health Policy and Impact on Nurses

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    This paper provides a contribution to the methodological development on praxeologic document analysis of neoliberal welfare state policies. Different institutions related to the Danish Healthcare area, transform international health policies and these institutions produce a range of strategies. The affiliations of the different institutional and professional logics affect the strategies. Based on three empirical studies from welfare state documents of Inter-professional collaboration, Coherence in healthcare and Patient-safety by incident report, a summative description on the methodological work is possible. The different works are unique but at the same time part of a common neoliberal welfare state practice. They have a structural similarity as homologous strategies related to an institutional production field of Health- and Social care service. From the construction of these strategies, it is thus possible to discuss more overall consequences of the neoliberal policies and the impact on nurses and their position as a health-profession.
    Antal sider18
    StatusUdgivet - 2016


    • education, professions and jobs
    • nursing, praxeology
    • reflexive sociology