”Difficulties in implementing new knowlegde i OTpractice”: Sammenhæng mellem kursus og praksis

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    Difficulties with implementing new knowledge in OT practice and how to improve the learning process?

    The aim of this master thesis was to explore and understand why further education and training efforts do not always result in change in practice, and how further education and training should be organised so as to achieve such a change.

    Many OT departments focus strongly on the learning and development of competence, and a great deal of resources is put into continuing education and workplace courses. Sometimes, however, with limited effect.

    Qualitative semi-structured interviews were used to examine the experiences of six OT’s who participated in COPM training courses. The method of analysis constitutes condensation of meaning and interpretations at three levels; self-knowledge, common sense and theoretical level. Three theories/ perspectives (stated by Vygotsky, Schön and Wenger) were chosen, which are based on practice and focus on the interaction between the individual and its surroundings:

    Major findings: The empirical analysis did show that many factors make it difficult for the OTs to relate the training course to their practice – both organisational, managerial, cooperational, personal and didactical factors.

    Conclusion: in order to create a link between further training courses and practice, it is important 1) that prior to the course time is allowed to clarify needs and explain what changes the participants wish for their practice 2) that time be allowed for group reflection and 3) to realise that the actual learning takes place in practice!
    In addition, it is important to work with what can hamper and what can generate learning within the organisational framework.

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    StatusUdgivet - 2005
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    Varighed: 27 jul. 200631 jul. 2006


    KonferenceWfot 2005. Ergoterapeutisk verdenskongres


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