Digital quranic practices among multilingual youth in Denmark

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This paper focuses on digital quranic practices among multilingual youth in Denmark. The empirical point of departure is an exploratory group interview with four young people, aged to whom the Quran is potentially at hand 24/7 through various quranic apps on their smartphones. The youth are 14-15 years old and are in a Year 8 class in a Danish lower secondary school, and their class is one of five classes participating in a longitudinal study of multilingual children’s language and literacy practices through primary and lower secondary school. The young people have different linguistic backgrounds (Somali and Afghan) and various levels of Arabic literacy competence, but they all consider themselves practicing Muslims, and religious apps play a central role in their everyday life.
The paper describes the young people’s criteria for selection of apps, their understandings of what constitutes a good quranic app, and their preferences and strategies for use of the apps and for interaction with the quranic text. Some listen, while others read or recite; some prefer the original classical Arabic text, while others value translation to English or Danish. For some, the use of the apps are largely an individual enterprise, while for others, it is a social practice shared with friends, siblings or parents, and the religious apps take up different functions in the young people’s everyday lives.
The paper sheds light on digital quranic practices which have received little scientific attention so far and often go unnoticed in the public sphere as well as in the educational system, but which has great importance for our understanding of the everyday lives of the growing number of Muslim children and youth in Scandinavian schools today.
StatusUdgivet - 2018
BegivenhedMultilingualism and Education: Interdisciplinary and International Perspectives - Universitetet i Oslo, Oslo, Norge
Varighed: 7 maj 20188 maj 2018


KonferenceMultilingualism and Education: Interdisciplinary and International Perspectives
LokationUniversitetet i Oslo


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