Dyscalculia ≠ maths difficulties: A field analytical perspective on conflicting positions in a time that calls for inclusion

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    The presentation is based on a substudy conducted in connection with a Danish PhD study of inclusive teaching of beginner mathematics in the Danish municipal primary school and focuses on the research question: What conflicting positions can be identified in relation to low-performing pupils in the teaching of mathematics? The study concentrates on which categorisations and social forms of practice dominate and are dominated in the time period under study: 1995-2014. The empirical method consists of a manual search through Danish ministerial booklets on mathematics, NOMAD (the journal of Nordic Studies in Mathematics Education), anthologies with conference articles from NORSMA (Nordic Research network on Special Needs Education in Mathematics), Matematik (Danish scholarly journal for teachers of mathematics) and Nämnaren (Swedish scholarly journal for teachers of mathematics). Electronic searches have also been made in the journal for the Danish municipal primary and lower secondary school, Folkeskolen, and on www.folkeskolen.dk. The presentation will expand on the analysis on which the diagram is based.
    Publikationsdato28 maj 2015
    StatusUdgivet - 28 maj 2015
    BegivenhedNOFA5 Konference Helsinki , May 27-29, 2015: Changing Subjects, Changing Pedagogies: Diversities in School and Education - University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland
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    KonferenceNOFA5 Konference Helsinki , May 27-29, 2015
    LokationUniversity of Helsinki