Entrepreneurial Modes of Teaching in Health Promoting Interventions

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Abstract Submission for Brussels 2013
Title: Health Promotion in the Workplace: Aspects of Participatory Contributions of Educational Programs
Presenting author: Karsten Thorø
Presenting author´s email: KTHO@viauc.dk
Authors: K Thorø, ME Christensen
Affiliation: Faculty of Health Science, Department of Physiotherapy, Department of Nutrition and Health, VIA University College, Aarhus, Denmark.

Previous studies have shown that the workplace is an ideal arena for health promotion interventions. Most studies focus on the ways in which health promoting interventions influence the health related behavior of the co-workers. However, knowledge about how to apply the knowledge taught in the BSc. degree programs in health related areas is limited. In the summer of 2011 the Department of Physiotherapy, Aarhus and the professional BSc. program in nutrition and health moved to a new campus in an area which in a few years will host approx. 25.000 knowledge workers and students focusing on IT, food science, technology, and health.
This geographical location gives the students a unique opportunity to engage in practice related work in the fields of health promotion and prevention, thereby developing competences in these areas. It goes without saying that the employees in the area feel like participating in the health offers, and that the students acquire a learning outcome in the co-operative process.

The survey is carried out as a workplace facilitated intervention study with the purpose of A: researching the employees’ mobility in the context of participating in training on Campus and B: investigating the students’ benefit from such a co-operation.

Recruitment for the project was done in five companies with approx. 1.500 employees. From this target population a total of 121 participants signed up for fitness classes, jogging teams, dietary guidance, or smoking cessation. The offers were administrated by 30 students. The students report substantial learning outcome from the participation, especially with regard to developing their professional skills, their knowledge of professional practice, and the ability to translate theory to practice.

An innovative approach to the networking modes of the educational institutions is beneficial to students as well as to partners in various projects. The employees in the corporate organizations were very interested in participating in health specific programs administrated by the students. The students increased their learning outcome via the administration of the health specific offers.

Main Messages
Educational institutions offering programs in the health sector have great potential in the contexts of co-operating with health promoting companies. The institutions also have resources
TidsskriftEuropean Journal of Public Health
Udgave nummersuppl 2
Sider (fra-til)105
StatusUdgivet - 2014
BegivenhedEuropean Public Healt Conference - Glasgow, Scotland, Glasgow, Storbritannien
Varighed: 19 nov. 201422 nov. 2014


KonferenceEuropean Public Healt Conference
LokationGlasgow, Scotland


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