Etniske minoriteter og førstehjælp: Etniske minoriteter og førstehjælp

Mona Nybo Nielsen

Publikation: AndetForskning

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During recruitment for First Aid Courses Danish Red Cross has discovered
that only a minority of Danes from another ethnic background participate.

The purpose of the project was to discover why the ethnic minority do not
participate in First Aid Courses and on behalf of the result make
suggestions for recruitment and accomplishment of the courses.

An explorative research, a literature study and also the purpose of First
Aid Courses has been performed and studied.

Two minority groups have been chosen. The Turkish population represents the
largest and most integrated ethnic group in Denmark. The Somali population
represents the smallest group in Denmark and are the most difficult group to
integrate. Only women have been included in the study and interviewed.

Due to the fact that it is a qualitative research project it is not possible
to generalise. The validity has been strengthened via semi structured focus
group interviews.

The conclusion of the study:
The ethnic minority groups do not participate because:
•Lack of information about Red Cross and Red Crescent.
•Uniformed about the importance of first aid.
•Reluctance of contact due to distinction of gender.
•The language barrier.

Danish Red Cross needs more knowledge of the cultural differences before
they can recruit more Danes with another ethnic background. The Danish Red
Cross has to provide easily accessible information. This could be obtained
with information in their native language for example via flyers and
television spots taking into consideration the cultural differences,
illiteracy and distinction of gender.
Antal sider30
StatusUdgivet - 2004