Experience of the praise partner concept in the ”11 for Health” school football programme for Danish 5th grade pupils

Bidragets oversatte titel: Danske 5. klasse elvers oplevelsen af rose-partner konceptet i det skolebaserede sundshedsundervisningskoncept "11 for Health"

Esben Elholm Madsen, Sidsel Damsgaard Thomsen, Mads Madsen, Peter Krustrup, Carsten Carsten Hvid Larsen

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    Purpose: To determine whether the praise partner concept in “11 for Health” fulfills the pupils’ basic psychological needs and/or affects their well-being.

    Method: The two primary qualitative methods employed were one semi-structured individual interview and two semi-structured group interviews, the latter consisting of two interviewees each. Sample was drawn on a volunteer basis.

    Procedure: The students participated in the “11 for Health” program. Interviewees consisted of five Danish 5th grade students (2 boys, 3 girls, aged 11-12) from the same class in Hvidovre, Denmark. The participants were selected on a volunteer basis, whose interviews were conducted within a two-week period from October-November, 2019. The first interview was with one girl, however since the praise partner concept is meant to facilitate conversation between students, the two latter interviews were gender-mixed group interviews, each consisting of a boy and a girl.

    Results: Overall, students demonstrated a great enthusiasm towards the praise partner concept. The interviewees responded that it “made them feel happy inside” and provided them with more energy and motivation to play. Furthermore, they stated that the praise partner concept allowed them to create new friendships and interpersonal contact with students they did not interact with on a regular basis. While interviewees found it easier praising their friends, they found it more fun to praise others whom they did not know. However, when praising others, it was difficult to determine what kind of praise they would respond positively to. Furthermore. some interviewees found it difficult to know what to praise for, as well as to always keep an eye out for their partner and play at the same time. In general, the interviewees responded positively to the process and believed that it increased their desire to play.

    Conclusion: Based on the collected data, the interviewees experienced enthusiasm towards the praise partner concept and desire to play football. It positively influenced well-being because it enhanced students’ happiness. Based on our results the praise partner concept enhanced students motivation, attitude, and perceived skill level.
    Bidragets oversatte titelDanske 5. klasse elvers oplevelsen af rose-partner konceptet i det skolebaserede sundshedsundervisningskoncept "11 for Health"
    Publikationsdato25 jan. 2020
    StatusUdgivet - 25 jan. 2020
    BegivenhedFootball is medicine - Thorshavn, Færøerne
    Varighed: 25 jan. 202026 jan. 2020


    KonferenceFootball is medicine


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