Experiences of inclusion and exclusion: A presentation of a qualitative interview study of adults with intellectual disabilities

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Inclusion has been a dominant theme for more than two decades among activists, policy makers, social workers and researchers in Denmark. While the positive ideals of inclusion are often highlighted, there tends to be less focus on the risk of exclusion. In 2011, a research review pointed out a general lack of disability research in Denmark and particularly research focused on the risk of exclusion. Some mechanisms of social exclusion can be described in terms of how we categorize and institutionalize e.g. people with intellectual disabilities (ID), and Goffman has pointed out how categorization can cause stigma and ruptures in social identity.

This abstract is based on my Ph.D. research project that focuses on processes of in-and exclusion related to adults with ID. The methodological approach is a qualitative case study and, in order to identify the informants’ own experiences, I have been doing nine semi-structured interviews.
The preliminary analysis of the interview study:

- Job and residence are situated in daycare centers and group homes because, as some informants explained, it is difficult to handle daily life without support.
- The informants see themselves as having difficulties that make them different compared to so-called ‘normal’ people.
- The informants describe how communities for people with ID have a significant impact preventing loneliness.

A conclusion that can be drawn is that some adults with ID, in Denmark, still live most of their daily life in institutionalized settings. On the one hand, this provides security and a clear sense of social identity. On the other hand, this social identity can because it is primarily institutionally determined, contribute to the risk of being stigmatized and excluded.
Publikationsdatosep. 2018
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StatusUdgivet - sep. 2018
BegivenhedLancaster Disability Studies Conference 2018 - Lancaster, Storbritannien
Varighed: 11 sep. 201813 sep. 2018


KonferenceLancaster Disability Studies Conference 2018


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