Få de børn du ønsker, mens du kan: Afdækning af kvinders overvejelser om fertilitet og reproduktion ved brug af Participatory Design

Publikation: Ph.d. afhandling/ kandidat/ diplomKandidatspecialeForskningpeer review


‘Get the children you want, while you can!’ Identification of women’s reflections regarding fertility and reproduction using Participatory Design.
The birthing age of first time mothers has rised significantly over the past decades among Danish women. Advanced maternal age is the major cause of the increasing numbers of women experiencing fertility problems that result in women having to undergo fertility treatment, may not get the number of children they want or at worst, remain childless. The purpose of this master thesis is to analyze Danish women’s reflections about the timing of motherhood and furthermore to shed light on the considerations underlying that some women are choosing to delay motherhood. The master thesis has been developed in collaboration with Rigshospitalets Fertility Counseling, and is designed as the first phase of a Participatory Design project focusing on women's reproductive concerns. The thesis is based on qualitative data generated through participant observation and individual semistructured interviews with women from Rigshospitalets Fertility Counseling and an online focus group on the social media Facebook with women aged 18-45 years who have not yet had children. The results are interpreted from a hermeneutic perspective analyzed from Systematic Text Condensation inspired by Malterud. The main results shows that women seek fertility counseling to get an assessment of how long time they have left to have children, and that the timing of motherhood includes deliberations on the fulfillment of personal goals and dreams, education, employment, economic stability and meeting the right partner, as an essential part for the women to feel ready to become mothers. Interpretation of the results of the thesis has given rise to the development of two new concepts: 'Plastic fertility' and 'The individualized motherhood’, which can help to understand women's reproductive considerations regarding the postponement of motherhood. Through the master thesis a defective area in the Danish health prevention efforts for women of reproductive age is identified, why it is recommended to undertake activities that can meet women's needs for information about the influence of age for fertility, and support them in the timing of motherhood.
UdgivelsesstedSyddansk Universitet
ISBN'er, trykt9788793496002
StatusUdgivet - 1 jun. 2016
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