Family Care Conversations & Care Mapping Family Care: in Nursing or Health Care Practice

Marie Louise Luttik, Barbara Voltelen

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The training Family Care Conversations and Care Mapping is aimed at 1) learning to think and work from the perspective of the patient in the context of his or her family system, 2) knowledge of family structures and family processes and 3) skills related to entering into conversations with families about the consequences of health problems of a family member.

The training is based on the international scientific literature in the field of "Family Systems? Nursing". Family Nursing is a scientific discipline that focuses on developing knowledge of the structure, function and processes that take place within families in the context of illness and health. This knowledge is necessary to support nurses in their professional practice in providing good care to individual patients in collaboration with and appropriate to the family system around the patient.

In addition, and entirely in line with the knowledge area of Family Systems? Nursing, the training is based on the knowledge, experience and expertise of the Expertise Center Family Care in Tilburg (the Netherlands).

Within the Family Systems? Nursing theory, family is defined as; "Those whom the patient regards as family" (Kaakinen, 2015). Friends and neighbors can therefore explicitly belong to the family system when a patient indicates that these persons belong to his or her family.
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StatusUdgivet - 2019