Feeding and Nutrition of Infants and Young Children. Guidelines for the WHO European Region. WHO Regional Office for Europe. 2000

Aileen Robertson, Kim Fleischcer Michælsen

    Publikation: Bog/antologi/rapport/kliniske retningslinjerBogForskning


    Good feeding practices will prevent malnutrition and early growth retardation, which is still common in some parts of the WHO European Region, especially countries of the former Soviet Union. Despite the importance of nutrition and feeding of infants and young children, limited attention has been paid to the need for guidelines based on scientific evidence. This publication contains the scientific rationale for the development of national nutrition and feeding recommendations from birth to the age of three years. It will allow national experts to develop or update their current national nutrition recommendations and will be of particular interest to ministries of health, paediatricians, dietitians, nutrition scientists, and public health and other professionals concerned with the nutrition and health of young children.

    Antal sider300
    StatusUdgivet - 2000


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