Fokus på kropsidentitet i rehabiliteringsprocessen: - en kvalitativ undersøgelse af kropsidentitet på baggrund af sygdomsfortællinger

Liselotte Jensen, Charlotte Petersen

Publikation: Ph.d. afhandling/ kandidat/ diplomMasterForskning


Title: Focus at body-self in rehabilitation – a qualitative study of body-self in illness stories.
The aim of this study is to answer the following questions: How can body-self of people, suffering from spinal cord injury, be described based on illness stories? and Which factors are significant in relation to development of body-self during rehabilitation of people suffering from spinal cord injury?
Four interviews with people suffering from spinal cord injury have been carried out. By means of phenomenological theories of the body, a narrative analysis of illness stories, for a description of the relation between body and self, is made. In the light of Arthur Franks four ideal typical bodies; the disciplined, the dominating, the mirroring and the communicative body, the body-self is described. The narratives can appear as a restitution story, a chaos story
and a quest story.
The study illustrates respectively a disciplined and a communicative typical body, together with a restitution- and a quest story. Analysis of the data show, that important conditions, in developing the relation between body and self in rehabilitation, are to watch and learn from other handicapped and to practice sport, through which a condition of flow can be obtained. In addition the illness story itself, is a tool in development of body-self.
StatusUdgivet - 2004