Food Poverty, Climate Change and Land Access in central Uganda: A focus on low-income women.

Lekunze Ransom Nambuanyi

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    This concept paper presents part of a work in progress on a participatory action research project that seeks to investigate the interrelated effects of climate change, agricultural practices and land tenure systems on women’s food security in central Uganda. We examine policy implications of food insecurity among low-income women (farmers) in central Uganda, positing the view that the agricultural and livelihood choices women farmers make are subject to the constraints they face and the policy alternatives available for them.
    Uganda is burdened with rising poverty, malnutrition and food insecurity. While most Ugandans depend on agriculture for their livelihoods, it is important to recognize that access to land by women and climate factors are central to the question of food security in Uganda. However, a review of the state-of-the-art in food security in this region demonstrates that policy options have poorly understood these interlinkages or tended to undermine them, especially the extent that these policy options put the necessary attention on the role of women farmers in food security.
    The paper not only considers how to turn these constraints into opportunities for women by reflecting on how women can enhance their food security by mitigating risks, adapting to climatic challenges and reflecting on alternative coping strategies, but suggest that policy options need to respond to the integrated framework of the issue.
    Preliminary findings of this five-year research show how major climate change impacts in Uganda have affected women’s livelihoods and food security; the constraints that exacerbate women’s vulnerability to food insecurity; and their adaptive capacity to mitigate these impacts. These findings will serve as a catalyst for the larger project that will generate interventions to improve practice and policy on food security for low-income women. The current concept paper highlights the policy implications of food insecurity for especially low-income women in central Uganda and makes certain key recommendations to guide the project.

    Keywords: Uganda; policy, food security; climate change; women; land rights; adaptive capacity

    Publikationsdatoaug. 2014
    StatusUdgivet - aug. 2014
    BegivenhedFAU-DDRN; Development Research Conference, Copenhagen - UN City, Copenhagen, Danmark
    Varighed: 22 aug. 201424 aug. 2014


    KonferenceFAU-DDRN; Development Research Conference, Copenhagen
    LokationUN City


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