Fremragende virtuel undervisning i en fleksibel sygeplejerskeuddannelse

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This master thesis examines what it takes to be able to create excellent virtual teaching in a nursing education with flexible forms of participation and varying attendance.
Over the past many years, there has been a relatively sharp division between pure online educations and ordinary educations with attendance, where the students have had to choose either one or the other path throughout the entire education. There have been advantages and disadvantages associated with both types of education, but in the nursing education at Copenhagen University College in Hillerød, in 2019 we have tried to combine the best of each of the two forms of education in a single common flexible course. Here we offer a virtual alternative to all theoretical lectures, where students are free to choose whether they want to attend class physically or participate virtually.
There are many clear advantages to this offer, but also some disadvantages. In particular, the absenteeism and varying physical attendance has proved to be one of the greater challenges. Thus, teachers never know how many students will attend their lectures. And at the same time, there are many different individual attitudes as to what characterizes good teaching and effective learning. At Copenhagen University College, there is also a strategic goal that we all should attaining excellent teaching together.
Thus, based on the scientific literature on the importance of physical attendance for learning, as well as Diana Laurillard's theories of effective teaching and learning, this master thesis seeks to investigate what is crucial for students' learning and how and what types of learning should be considered in effective teaching processes. Empirical data from five interviews and one questionnaire survey among students in the 2nd semester of the nursing education are also included.
The results show a clear positive attitude towards the flexible teaching process, and that the students make conscious and active choices in relation to which form of participation they choose. The results also show that we as teachers only have a partial influence on how the students perceive the teaching we offer them, and thus whether they choose to participate physically or virtually.
The master thesis thus shows that excellent teaching arises in the unique meeting between the teaching and the individual student. And that it is possible to create excellent virtual teaching, as part of the overall nursing education, but that there are many different factors that determine how the virtual teaching is used and perceived by both teachers and students.
  • Dalsgaard, Christian, Vejleder, Ekstern person
StatusUdgivet - 2022