Fra krigkunst til kunsten at kæmpe med kunst. Artivistic Systems Theory

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Systems theory is often critized for being conservative and diagnostic in its description of society. Habermas famously reframed early Luhmannian systems theory as "social technology". As Gorm Harste, Karl-Heinz Ladeur, Andreas Fischer-Lescano and others have shown, there is a distinct performative capacity for sociological analysis in critical systems theory, building upon the euvre of Niklas Luhmann. Systems theory can advance beyond its own limitations of critical observation. As is the case in the fusing of systems theory and psychotherapy (H. Simon), the artist and war veteran Martin Nore fuses systems theory with art.
Martin Nore through his visual art develops and activistic form of system theory, where therapeutic intervention turns into societal self-therapy for broken meaning horizons and unintended consequences of the current massage of the form peace/war.
The activistic systems theoretical art, the "artivistic" perspective developed from the broken minds of war experiences, diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury. Since then, it has broadened the perspective to demonstrate its capacity to work with the distinction between civil society and its outside. This is the fight with art, where the predominant selfdescriptions in western societies are questioned on their selflimitations and insufficient strategies of deparadoxation. In Martins art, the paradox of the structural coupling of body, mind and society as both distinct from each other as operationally closed and deeply integrated with each other re-emerges in the artivistic point of observation. Artivistic Systems Theory does not demand an ordered society as a utopian world of peace and freedom in complete order. Artivistic systems theory on the contrary accepts the premise of society as social systems. Its main goal is to open the hidden complexities of the paradox of war and peace as well as the complex of life-thought-communication to societal scrutiny and social evolution.
In the presentation, Martin Nore gives you a glimpse of his work and invites you to participate in a session of artivistic systems theory.
Bidragets oversatte titelFra krigkunst til kunsten at kæmpe med kunst.: Artivistic Systems Theory
StatusUdgivet - 2015