From Utterance to Example Sentence: Excerpting and adapting corpus sentences for use in the Danish Sign Language Dictionary

Jette Hedegaard Kristoffersen

    Publikation: Konferencebidrag uden forlag/tidsskriftPosterForskningpeer review


    This poster will address some of the problems on excerption of example sentences for the online dictionary of Danish Sign Language (DTS) from a raw corpus of dialogues and monologues.
    In the Danish Sign Language Dictionary every meaning is illustrated by one or more sentences showing the sign in context. The goal of our project has been that every sentence should be taken from real language samples, but due to restriction on time and money we only managed to let approximately 50% of the sentences originate from real language samples. The remaining half of the sentences was constructed by deaf lexicographers.
    The sentences were excerpted by hand from a raw corpus of dialogues and monologues – given to us by our group of consultants.
    The poster describes the process from utterance in a corpus in a larger context to an example sentence in a dictionary, where the purpose of having examples sentences is to help the dictionary user to gain additional knowledge of a meaning of a sign, as well as to provide sentence constructions that can be adopted by the L2 learner.
    The process from the moment when a sentence has been excerpted from the corpus to the point when an example sentence is finally accepted for use in the dictionary consists of 11 stages in the DTS dictionary project.
    Special focus will be on the stage in the process where the sentence is judged suitable for dictionary use. A set of guidelines for what makes up a good example sentence has been developed for the DTS dictionary project and contains 9 parts that are assessed in the process.
    We allow for adjusting the real utterance if this necessarily to follow the guidelines, eg. anaphoric reference may in the real sample only occur as an eye gaze in a direction of a locus, but when we copy only a part of an utterance, this kind of reference must be replaced by a lexical item; a pronoun.
    StatusUdgivet - 2010
    BegivenhedSign Linguistic Corpora Network Workshop 4: Exploitation - Deaf Centre, Friedrichstraße 12, Berlin, Tyskland
    Varighed: 3 dec. 20104 dec. 2010
    Konferencens nummer: 4


    WorkshopSign Linguistic Corpora Network Workshop 4
    LokationDeaf Centre, Friedrichstraße 12


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