Hand in Hand - SEI Programmes for School Staff: a Review Catalogue

Birgitte Lund Nielsen, Lise Andersen Réol, Hilmar Dyrborg Laursen, Ana Kozina, Tina Veršnik Perše, Christine Sälzer, Maria Rasmunson, Svenja Vieluf, Iris Marušić, Ales Ojsteršek, Lana Jurko

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This catalogue of research in the field of SEI programmes for the school staff’s and teachers’ SEI competencies is based on a review performed by the main researchers Birgitte Lund Nielsen, Lise Andersen Réol and Hilmar Dyrborg Laursen, VIA University College, Denmark, but discussed by the entire team of Hand in Hand partner countries and researchers. The aim was to identify the central aspects and elements concerning successful implementation, and school staff’s development of professional competencies in the specific field of supporting students’ social, emotional and intercultural (SEI) competencies.
Abstract: Framed by the EU-project Hand in Hand focusing on Social, Emotional and Intercultural (SEI) competencies among students and school staff, the paper discusses implementation and professional competencies based on a research review. The following five topics were identified: 1) Intercultural/transcultural competency is not often referred to in the same research as social and emotional learning (SEL), although social-emotional aspects appear to be “at the core”, 2) It is crucial to be aware of the agency among school staff in SEI implementation, 3) Successful implementation is about much more than merely the activities in a specific programme, but rather about the elements in synergy and professional learning over time, 4) A subtle balance between adaptation and fidelity might best be addressed in an adaptive curriculum emphasising active ingredients, 5) This is a field with many intervention studies, but it is urgent to consider if the psychometric measures are sufficiently sensitive to catch the subtle changes related to teachers’ SEI competencies and their professional relational competencies to support students in developing their SEI competencies.
Method: The review included research published in the period from 2000 to 2017. Across three key concept areas, the following search terms were combined: ("professional development" OR "professional learning" OR "in-service teacher training" OR "in-service education" OR "professional competencies") AND ("social and emotional learning" OR "intercultural" OR "mindfulness" OR "self-awareness" OR "self-management" OR "social awareness" OR "relationship skill*" OR "responsible decision-making" OR "emotional contagion") AND (teacher).
The theoretical background, the rationale, the definition of SEI competencies, the review methodology and the findings are more thoroughly discussed in the following scientific paper: Nielsen, B.L. et al. (in prep.). Social, Emotional and Intercultural competencies: A review of research with a particular focus on the school staff.
Catalogue structure: The catalogue is organised alphabetically by authors. The names of specific programmes – if any are included – are highlighted in the second column. For the most part these are programmes for students as many professional development activities for teachers are aligned with a specific student programme.
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StatusUdgivet - 2017


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