Hey, I Can Do It! On Kinaestetic Learning in Daycare Institutions

Ilse Marie Mortensen (Andet), Hanne Borup (Andet), Lisbeth Marcher (Andet), Lars Peter Bech Kjeldsen (Fotograf), Jens-Ole Jensen (Fotograf), Lone Wiegaard (Fotograf)

Publikation: Ikke-skriftlig produktionVisuelle produkterFormidling


The aim of the film is to provide inspiration for pedagogic work with body and movement. The film was made in a day-care institution for children aged between 0 and 6 years and shows a number of examples of how the body can be used for communication, and how body language is part of estblishing a learning space.

We chose a hands on approach to observing specific situations where it is possible to show bodily communiccation can help to create a creative and helpful learning space.

The reason for our approach is that it helped us get close to real life situations and to illustrate specific situations where bodily communication had an inpact on the creation of learning spaces.
StatusUdgivet - 2005


  • pædagogik
  • læringsstile