Hvordan opleves et fødselsforløb med epiduralblokade som smertelindring af fødende kvinder?

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How first time mothers experience the use of epidural analgesia during birth
Ingrid Jepsen, Midwife, SD, MPH, Kurt Dauer Keller cand.psych, PhD
Contact email irj@ucn.dk
Aim: to investigate the experiences of epidural analgesia as to the choice of epidurals, the changes in pain, the period from the epidural to the birth, and the relationship to the midwife.
Place of origin: The labor ward, Aalborg Sygehus Nord, Aalborg. The homes of the women.
Method: Field study and interviews. Nine women were observed from the establishment of the epidural until birth. They were interviewed the day after the birth and two months later. The midwives were interviewed two hours after the birth.
Method of analysis: The “Idealtype-” method, the “importance-” method and the “process-” method described by Bo Eneroth.
Results: Two ideal-types were discovered: the worried and the unworried mother. Important and common factors influencing the relationship with the midwives were: the very choice of an epidural, the midwives accept of that choice, satisfaction with the presence of the midwifes, the continuity of the process, and a high level of information. Clearly, the establishment of an epidural implies important changes of the birth process, which makes it difficult to decide what is right for the woman in various situations during the process. We have to learn more about how to handle the pain-released woman.
Discussion: Since the study fullfills its aim, there is a high internal validity of the results. The analyses are also judged to be reliable. The women in the study are not representative of all women who use epidurals, but it was possible to draw out several common experiences. The possibility of generalizing the results is depending on the context, including the contents of the medication and how midwives handle the epidurals.
Conclusion: In particular, the use of an epidural does not diminish the need for an individual approach. The woman’s level of consciousness and the entire situation makes her very sensitive to the midwives care.

Bidragets oversatte titelHvordan opleves et fødselsforløb med epiduralblokade som smertelindring af fødende kvinder?
StatusUdgivet - 2010
BegivenhedNordic - København, Danmark
Varighed: 3 jun. 20105 jun. 2010