How to Write to Be Heard: Handbook for Business Students

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Decision-making, critical thinking, and communication skills are trending among soft skills in successful businesses. It means that if you pursue modern business studies, you will be tasked with activities aimed at developing these skills, often through problem-to-solution projects and other written tasks.
But do you often find writing in business studies tough and challenging?
Do you struggle with being persuasive so that your ideas are heard?

This handbook will ease the ‘pains’ many students have when they are tasked with written activities in their business courses. In this book: - we share useful tips and tricks on persuasive writing and how to make your process of writing friction-free, exciting, and fruitful; - we build basic understandings and conventions of business writing, and - we share our lifehacks for how to make your writing heard.
ForlagSaxo Publish, København Ø
ISBN (Elektronisk)9788740461589
StatusUdgivet - 12 feb. 2021


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