Hvor skal vi hen, du?

Helle Brok

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Title: Where to go next?

The aim of public reforms is “to deliberate actions to chance the structures and processes of public organizations with the aim in getting them to perform better”. (Pollitt and Boucka-ert, 2004). As a part of the reform of the public education in Denmark concerning “applied science” the small organization “The study of Psychomotor Therapy” has become a de-partment in VIA University College. Over the last 8 years the department has been through a major transformation from being an independent organization with 5 employees and 80 students to being a part of VIA University that takes 2100 employees and 17.000 students as well as the department grown double and has enrolled in a campus of 800 students and 50 employees.

The external requirements for the department have increased, e.g. through evaluation and accreditation and higher level of qualification for students. The speed of the transformation has been very high. In this situation it is relevant to ask: Where to go next? If asking the employees of the department. This leads to these questions:

1. What impression do the employees have of the department, which resources and challenges can they identify.
2. Taking this in mind, it is the purpose of this investigation to point out relevant strategies for the forthcoming 2 years.
3. And to answer if it is possible to connect this strategy with the major organization VIA UC?

Quality study
This quality study uses the method “Drawing exercise” by Breidahl and Seemann (2009) to answer the first question. The employees have made 15 drawings and giving their ideas and impressions on resources, challenges and important areas the coming years, as a part of a group interview for 11 people. These drawings afterwards have been analyzed in the theoretical frame of Leavitt, Ry-Nielsen and Klaudi Klausen.

Results and conclusion
The result of the investigation shows the impression of Psychomotor Therapy organization as a warmhearted family like working place with great resources of collaboration, connectedness and trust between employees and leader. It shows an understanding of the merger and the department seem to integrate as a part of VIA. It also shows that the culture of the organization (Schein) is strong and responds to the original culture. The challenges in the organization are a very high speed and many different tasks. This has a negative influence on the employees and makes a large pressure and stress related experiences. Another challenge is the low number of students that fulfill the study.

This knowledge leads to 3 points of strategies for the forthcoming years:
1. Human resources management strategy with the aim to consolidate and grow the strong sense of trust, meaningfulness and cooperation in the group/department
2. Strategies of structure and organization with the aim to find new solutions of the structure problems of many tasks and how to handle tasks in an appropriate speed.
3. Strategies of public marketing as well of structure of the process of study with the aim to increase the number of students to fulfill the study.

The study suggest that strategies “born” by employees in Psychomotor Therapy can be included and have influence on the large organization VIA university college as well as the strategies of the larger organization can be implemented at the department. The study suggest this process to happen as a dialog from top and down, from down and up and across.
StatusUdgivet - 1 feb. 2014


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