Identifying meaningful activities among elderly people with demenitia: the developing process of an observation taxonomy

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Identifying meaningful activities among elderly people with demenitia: the developing process of an observation taxonomy
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Background: There is a need for tools to assist staff in identifying and planning meaningful activities for elderly nursing home residents
with moderate and progressive dementia. Daily routines in nursing homes calls for a simple and easy-to-use tool which can fit into daily
life and which can be used when and wherever during day and night. The theory of Tom Kitwood which focus on the importance of putting
the demented persons wishes, habits, values and beliefs in the center formed the base in the development of the tool. Aim: To develop an
observational tool which can identify meaningful activities among elderly demented nursing home residents and thereby provide staff with
more knowledge and possibilities for inviting and engaging residents in meaningful activities. Method: Based on Tom Kitwoods theory and
by focusing on the "five needs": connection, inclusion, occupation, identity and comfort a first draft of the observation taxonomy as well as
a manual was developed. The draft was tested during one week by 8 staff members in three different departments in a nursing home.
Initially the 8 testers were thoroughly informed about the tool, its background and how to use it. After the testing a structured focusgroup
interview served as a first evaluation on internal validity and face validity. A descriptive analysis was used. Results: Testers all agree that
the first draft appears useful in identifying meaningful activities. Some adjustments are suggested, i.e. more definitions on key terms such
as "activity" in the manual. Conclusion: Based on the results of the testing of the first draft a second draft will be developed and tested.
The draft as well as the results of the second testing will be presented at the conference.
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Andresen, Mette, University College Sjælland, Research and Innovation, Sorø, Denmark (Presenting); Lund, Karen Margrethe, University
College Sjælland, Næstved, Denmark; Malmskov, Teresa, University College Sjælland, Næstved, Denmark; Stemmerik, Julie, University
College Sjælland, Næstved, Denmark
StatusUdgivet - 2014