Identiteter i konflikt: Udvikling af curriculum om krigens virkelighed i børnehøjde

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When Danish soldiers wage war abroad and far from home, family relations are strained. Both during the mission and after return, the soldier experiences civil life as unorderly and conflicting with the warrior mindset with its clear demarcations of friend/foe, peace and war, battletime and the time 'inbetween'.
In public education, those Soldier-kids often show abnormal behaviour and dysfunctional social integration and mental regulation. Health Care Systems and social workers turn to diagnoses of secondary traumatization, attachment disorder and develop therapies to calm the effects of exposure to War experience in the family.
As part of a project funded by the National Centre of Excellence for the Dissemination of History and Cultural Heritage on Soldier-Kids, this paper explores the capacity for development of curriculum and teaching to enhance social, didactic and communicative inclusion from within the national public school system.
The main hypothesis is, that parts of the dysfunction stems from the national lack of semantics and competence to understand and discuss experience with warzone extremes, children and spouses of Danish Soldiers and Veterans miss the language to talk and be silent.
I propose, that systems theory is both able and competent to analyze the missing gaps and empty spaces of the competing identities inside and outside the forms of peace and war. Through the use of Luhmannian systems theory and form analysis, the children and partners of war veterans give us the chance to observe strategies of communication of incommunicability and the broken meanings within.
In this paper, I present the concept of SoldierKids as a paradox of screaming empty spaces. Developing from the emerging concept of competing identities (Clausen 2012, 2014, Foucault 2001), I present the outline of the ongoing development of learning material and its implications for teaching and learning on war experience.
Bidragets oversatte titelIdentiteter i konflikt: Udvikling af curriculum om krigens virkelighed i børnehøjde
Antal sider20
StatusUdgivet - 2015