In The Presence of Technology

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    In a hybrid synchronous classroom that includes both on line and on campus students, technology plays a big part in the teaching. This paper attempts to analyse and discuss how the transparency of technology affects opportunities for the students to interact and for the teacher to be present in different hybrid settings. In order to do so, the paper focuses on three concepts of the human-technology relation. The first is embodiment of technology i.e. when technology almost transparently extends and/or enhances the human perception. The second concept, technological transformation of teaching, is found in the study in the video recorded lectures when e-students are deprived of the traditional student behaviour as interacting with other students and the teacher in the same room. They therefore translate and interact with the recorded lesson not as process but as digital artifact. The last concept is concerned with the influence of technology in the classroom on-campus seen in the teacher’s perspective when the technology is visible as a camera placed in front of him and the teaching is recorded and distributed to the e-students at home. This setting makes him very aware of his teaching performance, but in order to avoid interference in the traditional and preferred face-to-face teaching, it causes him to act as if the camera wasn’t there. To categorise this experience of being in two places – on campus and online – at the same time without being fully present anywhere, the paper introduces the concept of disembodied presence and presents different learning design experiments that have been developed in a physiotherapy e-learning program to deal with the experience of disembodied presence and to thematise the role of technology.
    Publikationsdato30 sep. 2013
    StatusUdgivet - 30 sep. 2013
    Begivenhed12th European Conference on e-Learning - Sophia Antipolis, Frankrig
    Varighed: 30 okt. 201331 okt. 2013


    Konference12th European Conference on e-Learning
    BySophia Antipolis