Inklusion og eksklusion i dagtilbud i Danmark: Processer i og effekter af arbejdet med LP-modellen

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The topic for my research is the question of possibilities and limitations in working with the LP-model in pre-school institutions. How can pedagogies develop high quality in the learning environment using this method and procedure?
The paper will present the results of an investigation in the pre-schools, participating in the Danish LP-model (Nordahl et al), on which initiatives the pedagogies in these so-called LP-institutions take, in order to develop new practice. Building on earlier research in quality, inclusion is outlined as a high-quality criterion.
Inclusion and exclusion is defined from the perspective of sociology and systems theory and the survey is based on a model for inclusion (Qvortrup) which is operationalized in the questionnaire. Based on theory of distinction and through a form analysis I will present and discuss the findings as a pedagogical question, following the logic of the LP-analysis.
The empirical findings indicate that the staff finds it difficult to transform the research knowledge into new practice. This is a question of high relevance to the Nordic educational research because it challenges the traditional understandings of how research knowledge can inform practice. Thus it becomes a question of the relationship between theory and practice as well.
Furthermore, this leads to the assumption that the Danish inclusion-experiment is not likely to succeed, unless we find new ways to understand how the staff can develop the necessary competencies as professional pedagogues.
Bidragets oversatte titelInklusion og eksklusion i dagtilbud i Danmark: Processer i og effekter af arbejdet med LP-modellen
StatusUdgivet - 2014
BegivenhedNERA: NERA 2014 - Lillehammer, Norge
Varighed: 5 mar. 20147 mar. 2014




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