Inclusion of children with autism and ADHD in physical education (PE) at primary school in Denmark

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Inclusion of children with autism and ADHD in physical education (PE) at primary school in DenmarkMore children diagnosed with autism and ADHD have been included in primary school by law in Denmark over the last years (L379, 2012). In a new School reform (L406, 2014) the children have to participate in physical activities at least 45 minutes each school day. Autism and ADHD are disabling conditions that affects social communication and interaction, and often also their motor skills and cognition (Harvey & Reid, 2003; Verret, 2010). Therefore these children can be challenge to participate in and be included in PE. The overall research question is: How the children with autism and ADHD experiences to be included in the figuration of PE at school? The research includes 11 children with autism and ADHD in ordinary classes at two different schools in the northern part of Denmark. There will be used a process-oriented methodology (Baur & Ernst, 2011).The methods of the research are primarily based on qualitative methods: Analysis of the curriculum for PE from the Danish ministry of Education and political strategies of inclusion, field observations primarily in PE, interviews with the 11 children and the principals at the schools, focus group interviews with the PE teachers and modified Social Network method on the school classes. The empirical framework will be analyzed through process-sociologist Norbert Elias theory of Civilizing (1994) and The Establish and Outsiders (Elias & Scotson, 1994) and micro-sociologist Erving Goffmans theory about Stigma (2014) and Dramaturgies (2014). The research is at the moment in process and the presentation will only show initial analyses.Some of the children participate and enjoy PE, but the majority of the children often get a feeling of being outsiders. A child’s ability to show shame as a way of uncivilized behavior and the size of the figuration has influence on how established the children are in PE.
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