Inclusive Physical Education: with a focus on active and successful participation

Charlotte Østergaard, Solveig Fogh Rostbøll

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    EN317 - Inclusive Physical Education - with a focus on active and successful participation
    Charlotte Østergaard, Solveig Fogh Rostbøll, Department of School and Learning, Metropolitan University College (DK)
    The Danish School Reform 2014 intends to raise the amount and intensity of PA in schools. A considerable percentage of Danish children do not participate in PA and are marginalized in PE lessons. One of the primary problems is that PE in Danish schools is characterized by a performative culture. Several studies confirm that PE is characterized by performative ideals and is often a bad experience for students who do not have the required skills or the necessary competitive mentality. The purpose of the study is to generate increased knowledge of how to work with inclusive education in PE in schools. The aims of the study are to identify groups of “outsiders” and to find ways to enhance their activity rates and improve their participation. The theoretical framework is the sociology and methodology of Pierre Bourdieu and the motivational theory `Self Determination Theory´ containing three main categories: `autonomy’, `competence’ and `relatedness’. The study focuses on the 6th and 7th grade and specifically on girls. The data consists of observations in 8 classes from 4 schools and focus group combined with in-depth interviews with 18 selected girls before and after a 7 weeks intervention in Inclusive PE. The study investigates whether the lack of motivation and ability to participate in PE must be understood in specific socio-cultural and socio-economic conditions. The hypothesis of the study is that the experience of being acknowledged for your efforts in physical education by significant others can form the basis for the construction of physical capital.
    EN323 - Iranian Female Adolescent Immigrants’ Experiences of the Canadian Physical Education System
    Bahar Tajrobehkar, University of Toronto (CA)
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    StatusUdgivet - 2015


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