Insights Personal Preference Profile: A Colorful Teaching Tool

Betina Ringby, Helle Bønnelykke

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Insights Personal Preference (IPP) Profile based on Jung’s typologies is a tool used in the physiotherapy education department, at University College of Northern Denmark. Students and staff catch new insights and develop awareness on personal preferences regarding learning, teamwork and communication in order to create a dynamic study environment. All students enrolled in the Physiotherapy Bachelor Programme will get a profile as well as all the lecturers. Everyone must participate in a basic four-hour workshop with IPP-certified lecturers to receive their personal profile. Profiles are used in various ways during the Physiotherapy Bachelor Programme to support continuous professional development. This workshop will demonstrate parts of such a workshop.
Health care professionals face an increased complexity in tasks in the future. Therefore it is a necessity for students to increase understanding of themselves, understanding of others, and competences needed for successful interdisciplinary cooperation, already in the learning process as a student. Reflexive and resilient professionals are needed in tomorrow’s health care system.
Lecturers need new tools to support students for tomorrow’s professional challenges. IPP is an innovative method for a lecturer to become an inspiring coach, to help build capacity and respect for diversity among students as well as among staff.
The aim of this workshop is, to actively involve participants in our work with IPP. Participants get a personal profile, and a colorful understanding of their own working preferences. Participants will get knowledge about Insights as a teaching tool.
Lecturers working with students, who would like to get inspired and develop their teaching practice.
Participants fill out an on-line questionnaire. Participant profiles are generated on the spot, and used as a basic framework for participants to gain ideas on how to use IPP as a learning and teaching tool. The workshop will be organized as a mixture of theory and practice.
Expected outcomes
Participants gain:
Colorful understanding of their own working preferences
Knowledge about IPP as a teaching tool
Knowledge about IPP as a tool to support students’ awareness on personal preferences regarding learning, teamwork and communication

Insights®, preference-tool, teaching
Publikationsdato14 apr. 2016
StatusUdgivet - 14 apr. 2016
BegivenhedCOHEHRE 2016: Learning and Practicing Respect and Solidarity for All - University of Derby, Derby, Storbritannien
Varighed: 13 apr. 201615 apr. 2016


KonferenceCOHEHRE 2016
LokationUniversity of Derby


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