Inter professionalization and the breakaway from classic concepts

Karen Borgnakke, Cathrine Sand Nielsen

Publikation: Bidrag til bog/antologi/rapportBidrag til rapportForskning


The paper is based on ethnographic studies in the profession oriented learning context following the case called ‘InBetween’. Taking part in the reforms the case exemplifies both the shifting discourse about professional learning and the breakaway from the classic basis. Through practice oriented strategies the paper further identifies the changing professional collaborative culture and demands for combining mono professional competences with the inter professional competences. Finally, the paper summarizes challenges and perspectives referring to the professional debate and different voices and to the newest shift with a link between the scholastic and the clinical learning context.
In the paper we will reconstruct the political context and discourse demonstrating how the current process combining strategies for organizational and pedagogical development. In educational reforms and development work this is highlighted in terms of cross disciplinary and inter professional work enhancing the characteristic theory/practice-relations. Hence, the political discourse mirrors a breakaway from the classic concepts of professionalization reforms also mirrors the strong focus on performativity in the educational sector ruled by a double agenda and characteristic dilemmas.
The research project is reconstructing and exploring the practical context. The fieldwork is conducted in health professional education program mirroring how the healthcare system is undergoing changes and how cooperation between professionals and patients is challenged. Skills and framework to coordinate efforts in the healthcare system has become a theme in health professional education to ensure that health professionals can meet the demands of tomorrow's health care system.
As research based evaluation the project will explore the embedded assumptions and challenges in InBetween and examine how InBetween influences the professional learning. The project focuses on how students develop interprofessional competencies and (inter)professional identity.
The methodological approach is described as a mix of ethnographic methods inspired by Dahler-Larsen, Borgnakke, Hammersley and Greenwood.
When mapping the field the challenge for the ongoing empirical studies is to optimize the use of multiple methods focusing:
• Interviews with students and clinical and theoretical educators before participation in InBetween
• Observational studies related to situations of professional learning
• Classroom research related to inter-professional meetings
• Participant logbooks, synopsis made on the case study as well as videos of presentations.
Theoretically, the project ranges from organisational learning to health professional research and identity issue until professional learning from the students' point of view. The project seeks to cover the spectrum from organisational level to the individual level taking advantage of possible combinations between Engeström, Argyris, Schøn, Klafki, Dale and Wenger.
Through the empirical and theoretical framework the project aims to explore and describe how the perspective of InBetween can help to strengthen and develop the individual, inter-professional and (inter)organisational learning generating new knowledge of:
- the contributions of InBetween to the quality of future health professional education and to the future healthcare system
- the cooperation between clinical and theoretical educators and students on development of the learning process.
On this background the paper finally will reflect the concepts of inter-professionality and the classic basis.

TitelEthnography and Education Conference
Publikationsdato16 sep. 2014
StatusUdgivet - 16 sep. 2014
BegivenhedOxford Ethnography and Education Conference 2014 - Oxford University, Oxford, Storbritannien
Varighed: 15 sep. 201417 sep. 2014


KonferenceOxford Ethnography and Education Conference 2014
LokationOxford University


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