Interactive Technologies supporting Cognition in People with Dementia - preliminary results

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Background. Dementia causes cognitive decline in people with dementia (PWD). Cognitive stimulation therapy (CST) is a psychosocial intervention capable of improving cognition in PWD. A Danish version of the certified CST group program has been validated. Now, we are collaborating on Interactive technologies supporting a 12 week`s maintenance program (mCST) to be used in day care facilities. There is high potential with such technology. However, only little efforts have been done so far.
Aim is to develop a digital prototype of the mCST programme targeted Danish PWD; the product: -1) being user-friendly, intuitive and meaningful; does -2) motivate PWD for programme adherence, -3) promote positive changes in participant`s cognition and quality of life (QOL), and -4) supports CST facilitators.
Methods. The prototype of 24 digitalized mCST sessions will be finished August 2020 and will be tested in a pre-post pilot design at 0, 7 and 12 weeks. Sessions are built in collaboration with technology innovators, PWD, relatives and dementia experts. Ongoing sub parts have been user-tested along the developmental process. The system includes a digital coach assisting participants/staff through sessions. The programme will be facilitated for six outpatients with diagnosed dementia, MMSE 15-25 (2x week in 12 weeks, Aug–Dec 2020). Focus group interviews with participants, relatives and staff at 7 weeks and following programme completion will add data on user satisfaction. Number of completed sessions will be registered and logbooks used. Outcomes on cognition and life quality will be measured by MMSE and QOL at week 0, 7 and 12.
Results. October 2020, we will have preliminary results on programme adherence, user satisfaction with content and technology, and participant´s cognition and QOL results following 7 weeks mCST (first 12 sessions).
Conclusion. The product and preliminary results will be discussed
StatusUdgivet - 2020
Begivenhed30th Alzheimer Europe Conference: Dementia in a changing world - Virtual
Varighed: 20 okt. 202022 okt. 2020


Konference30th Alzheimer Europe Conference


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