Jounalism students prototyping a brighter future

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Too many young people are worried about the future. The ongoing discourse about an unpredictable work -life in an increasingly complex and fast
-changing world can seem frightening and depressing – not least for journalism students finding their place in a radically changing media industry (Allen, G. et al. (2015). This discourse might be contributing to the increasing number of
young people being diagnosed with stress and depression (, but might also initiate a new search for a meaning in life (DM, 2017, ESENER, 2018). It is no wonder that students need knowledge and tools to approach this ‘new’ world. This paper describes a three-day workshop that aims at preparing journalism students for internships, as well as for the future. An internship is the first step into the labour market, and it generates both dreams and worries. The students are introduced to a ‘Life Design Attitude’ that represents a creative approach to the world including design activities revealing additional and different perspectives, reframing and prototyping. Moreover, the students are presented with ‘the 4-Foci Model’, combining an ‘inner focus’ with an ‘outer, business focus’– a way of transforming ‘what I am good at’ into something that adds value in a business. Finally, focus is on the creation of an application for an internship. The workshop, offered to around 100 students, is a new initiative that differs radically from other courses offered at the school. Attendance in the course is not compulsory. Half of the students participated for only one day; the other half participated all three days. Based on mixed methods we have conducted a qualitative and a quantitative analysis: Some students found working with themselves to be uncomfortable and/or the workshop was too ‘creative’. Others found the workshop fruitful as it provided a new way of thinking. ‘Reframing’ was primarily understood in the simplistic interpretation of ‘having a more positive outlook on life’. Furthermore, he students had difficulties in working with the outer, business perspective. The workshop points to a need for a more varied understanding of ‘creativity’ and to a potential for using creativity and a design approach in work as well as in life in general.
TitelAround the campfire - Resilience and intelligence
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ForlagLapland University Press
Publikationsdato27 maj 2019
ISBN (Elektronisk)9789523371583
StatusUdgivet - 27 maj 2019
: Resilience and Intelligence
- University of Lapland, Rovaniemi, Finland
Varighed: 27 maj 20191 jun. 2019


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