Kvalificering af børns søgning på internettet

Ann-Thérèse Arstorp

    Publikation: Ph.d. afhandling/ kandidat/ diplomKandidatspecialeForskning


    “Improving the internet search skills of middle school students”
    As the internet continues to grow at a rapid paste, research has shown that children have difficulties creating productive searches on the internet. Without the ability to search productively, it seems impossible to find anything among the waste piles of data, which today are available through the internet. A new learning material Netpilot has tried to create a foundation for improving the search skills of the students, but is criticised in this thesis for an obsolete understanding of what learning and teaching is all about. In order to develop a new and improved learning material, research into the search strategies of students and the factors that influence them are highly needed.
    In this thesis I address the currently available research on children’s internet search strategies, analyse the factors that influence these search skills as well as poignant and concrete idea as to how future learning materials can meet the needs of the students. This is done on the theoretical basis of different socio-cultural theories, such as cultural-historical theory, on tacit knowledge, situated learning and theories of information search behaviour. All of these theoretical perspectives focus on the interaction between individual and context and they are therefore in this thesis intended to shed light on the search process as well as the interaction between student and teacher/learning material.
    Emphasis is based on the interaction between the two main strategies: browsing and analytical search strategy used in either separation or combination. The choice of search strategy and the level of search success is dependant upon different factors, which are analysed and discussed mainly with regard to employing this knowledge in the development of future learning materials. These factors are:
    • Level of internet and computer experience
    • Context
    • Type of assignment
    • Domain knowledge
    • Peer interaction
    • Age/intellectual development
    The influence of the school as a contextual factor is discussed in particular and the outdated teaching approaches that still exist in the schools are criticised. A more democratic and individual teaching approach is suggested because such an approach would allow the students to influence the teaching more as well as make a more individual teaching approach possible.
    Specific design proposals are presented suggesting an interactive learning material that uses the students input to produce relevant and challenging output. On basis of a student profile, the learning material generates a student profile and based on this and the student’s ongoing input during the course new teaching materials are generated and presented to the student. This teaching approach would make it a lot easier to fulfil the requirements of the law and to challenge each student within his or her zone of proximal development and thereby ensure the most optimal learning opportunity. It also creates the possibility of using the students input in other areas of teaching, such as their reading and spelling abilities or an analysis of the individual student’s special needs. This would expand the possibilities of aiding the students in their learning beyond improving their information literacy.
    StatusUdgivet - 2007


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