Leisure-time pedagogues in the new Danish primary school – a renewed professional identity?

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In 2014 a reform of the Danish primary school came into force. The reform announced a different context and new tasks for leisure-time
pedagogues. Pedagogues are now an independent category mentioned in formal documents such as the law of primary school. Before
2014 leisure-time pedagogues’ tasks were primarily scheduled in the afternoon, when the classes ended and the leisure-time activities
began. With the increase of school-hours in all grades (due to the reform) leisure-time in the afternoon is reduced and a bigger amount of
the pedagogues’ tasks and working hours are placed in the morning, during classes and within formal school activities. In our presentation
we examine the effects of these new conditions. How do pedagogues cultivate and negotiate their professional identity and what are the
potentials and pitfalls of these new settings in the Danish primary school? The research design of the project consists of different types of
data collecting methods. Part of the data material is based on ethnographic participant observations in two Danish primary schools, closely
accompanied by a series of qualitative semi-structured interviews. Finally, the leisure-time pedagogues that serve as respondents keep a
diary, in which they write down general reflections concerning their tasks and challenges during the day. Furthermore a third school is
involved in future dialogue seminars, where findings, reflections and analysis are debated. The theoretical framework of the analysis is
primarily based on theories on professional identity and school development in welfare societies. Our preliminary data indicates a crucial
shift in leisure-time pedagogues’ activities and scheduling of time. This seemingly leads to a joint attention on respectively relational work
and classroom leadership. Our research offers a qualitative perspective on the national restructuring of leisure-time pedagogy in the
Danish primary school context and contributes to the continued discussion of leisure-time pedagogues’ professional identity.
StatusUdgivet - 2015
BegivenhedNERA 2015, 4-6 March 2015 - Gøteborg, Danmark
Varighed: 4 mar. 20156 mar. 2015


KonferenceNERA 2015, 4-6 March 2015


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