Livslang læring og lIvslang vejledning - en kompetencediskurs. dannelse og kompetence som sprog og policy i Norge, Sverige og Danmark

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Lifelong learning as an overarching structure is analyzed via data concisting in the relevant policys regarding lifelong learning and lifelong guidance in EU.
The production of learning terms in OECD and EU, and UNESCO is compared with the lifelong learning policy implementation in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.
Data shows that there is a rigid view on learning as a competence. Competence is the outcome of lifelong learning measured as a formal education. And that the guidance about education also is a matter of competence and carreer learning.
“Bildung” is absent as a term in the policyes regarding lifelong leanring. The consequense of this is that education becomes a combined marker for economic- and individual growth.
It is thus concluded that leaning is a goaloriented complex, with a learning rationale focusing on its effect and significance for the market, and with no focus on the individuals “bildung”.
This view on learning produces as an unintended effect, new ethical- and learning categories, which also have the effect that pedagogics also becomes rational to.
The conclusion is that the Lifelong learning regime has become a structural learning onthology, which the learner is governed by.
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StatusUdgivet - 27 sep. 2019
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