Mål og proces: Master i læreprocesser- Specialerapport

Karin Ladeby

Publikation: Ph.d. afhandling/ kandidat/ diplomMasterForskning


Since the preparation of the first Bologna Agreement on joint development of education in 1999 and the preparation of the Danish qualification certification in 2003, the development of the medium-term higher education has gone in the direction, where the students are assessed after the central objective of the learning outcomes described.
On psykomotorikuddannelsen on Via University College, it has also created difficulties for teachers that they no longer can plan teaching based on contextual, professional, pedagogical-didactic account of students' process. Through the translation of content from the previous curricula - to target for learning outcomes in the most recent study regime - there is, however, tried the conservation of all items . But there are signs that the difficulties in translating the process oriented content to output oriented ' competences ', has created opposing requirements for teaching. This paper examines how the opportunities for learning through self experience and personal development appear in students' reflection of their own reflection shows it selves..
The project should be seen as a contribution to the knowledge of how things stand with experience and personal development on training after the implementation of the new Studio regime. I want to make an empirical study with the aim to give a picture of how learning through experience and personal development proves itself in the students' reflection. It indicates a qualitative approach because it is the subject matter. I will present the theories about reflection, which I have chosen to analyze my empirical analysis with. When the capacity for reflection is mentioned as a core competence in the Studio system in the context of the application of their students own physical and relational skills, I have chosen to examine how the opportunities for learning through self experience and personal development appear in students' reflection of their own reflection. Here I will use the Mezirows theory of trans formative learning and Jarvis model for learning The focus of the interviews are:
1. focus is the meaning of education, as shows itself to the interviewed
2. focus is on the images, as it gently forms . What metaphors can describe the meaning of what has been said?
3. focus is the personal resonance. What arouses the resonance in the students background as learners and as would-be therapist?
4. focus is movement: where did the story moved those interviewed? What new insights have come to light during the conversation, and how it brings them forward?
The 5 interview people I have spoken with, is able to reflect deeply, and there are signs of learning through self experience and personal development.
If these students are typical for students, is pressure from the aiming at fixed learning outcome, not a problem for self experience and personal development in the acquisition of the integrity of the methods. There is evidence that the aiming at fixed learning outcome and tests are inhibitory, but students learn to overcome it, make choices for what means something to them.
StatusUdgivet - 2013


  • psykomotorik