Merging Cultural Heritage Assessments with Risk Reduction and Disaster Recovery: Introducing ACTOR as a Learning Framework

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    There is a general professional consensus that vulnerability and risk assessments are crucial tasks in any serious attempt to substantially reduce disaster losses and enhance the reconciliation or recovery in the post event phase. However, cultural heritage is often considered as an overarching element that should be assessed, rather than a permanent key component of the assessments. Research in disaster management noticeably illustrates how cultural heritage is increasingly at risk from disasters caused by natural and human-made hazards, as well as the effects of climate change. Still, disaster risk reduction interventions tend to overlook the importance of incorporating cultural heritage, as an independent and highly valuable component in order to increase the risk reduction. Furthermore, there is a lack of methodological expansion in order to merge disaster assessment and cultural heritage. These limitations serve as motivation for the introduction of the ACTOR framework (Assessing Cultural Threats, Obstacles and Resilience) ACTOR aims at merging cultural heritage assessments with risk reduction and disaster recovery, and provide disaster management students with a learning framework that considers how different impacts of cultural heritage affect disaster risk reduction, and how disasters and risk influence cultural heritage. The ambition of ACTOR is to outline a conceptual framework for cultural heritage in relation to disaster risk reduction interventions, and to introduce a methodological contribution to the field of disaster management education and training that places cultural heritage at the center of disaster risk reduction.
    Disaster education and training, cultural heritage, disaster risk management, disaster recovery
    Publikationsdato10 mar. 2018
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    StatusUdgivet - 10 mar. 2018
    BegivenhedICETDM 2017 - International Conference on Education, Transportation and Disaster Management 2017 - Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Hong Kong
    Varighed: 8 mar. 201810 mar. 2018


    KonferenceICETDM 2017 - International Conference on Education, Transportation and Disaster Management 2017
    LokationHong Kong
    LandHong Kong
    ByHong Kong


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