Metropol Health Day Women's Health in a Global Perspective 11 May 2016

Aileen Robertson

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    There is a political lack of awareness that women can help to deliver prosperous economic development along with achievement of the SDGs by 2030...........women can do this by addressing 3 key challenges:
    •chronic undernutrition (low height for age), measured by stunting of failure to meet optimum height by 2 years of age, remains persistently high (over 50% in young children) and results in irreversible cognitive brain damage before age of 1-2 years which is directly linked to national economic development (this irreversible damage is measured indirectly by stunting)
    •Nutritious food is key and most food is produced by subsistence farmers in developing countries. Over 80% of these farmers are women. Women are discriminated against and if they had the same rights as men they would be able to produce around 30% more food of nutritious quality.
    •There is a lack of intersectoral collaboration where different actors work within silos within their own sectors, but SDGs could provide an opportunity to link sectors to improve gender inequalities, women's health and their rights.

    •Globally - CEDAW (UN committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against women) adopted the Rights of Rural women that for 1st time ever in Spring 2016 recognised the vital role of women in the right to food and nutrition
    •Locally - at practical level growth monitoring, formerly just consisted of measuring age and weight, but more and more height is being recorded and trends measured
    •Health care Professionals - being trained more to understand the importance of and how to work intersectorally so that their training is less to do with illness and more to do with how to protect and promote health

    Irreversible cognitive brain damage is done before age of 1-2 years and this is directly linked to national economic development (the proxy we use to measure this irreversible damage is stunting), Global Nutrition and Health education at Metropol is specifically designed to reduce levels of chronic undernutrition or stunting globally.
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    BegivenhedMetropol Health Day Women´s health in a Global Perspective - Metropolitan University College Copenhagen
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    KonferenceMetropol Health Day Women´s health in a Global Perspective
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