MUHABET MEANS TOGETHERNESS & to be together in a caring and respectful way

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ETMU 2019 Workshop: Solidarity: positionalities, power, and possibilities Abstract title: MUHABET MEANS TOGETHERNESS & to be together in a caring and respectful way. Young specific vulnerable immigrants and refugees are every day struggling for social justice and a worthy position in The Danish society. This group of young people are often isolated, and excluded from social interaction, and participation in important society areas. The effort to include and secure social justice for young immigrants and refugees carried out by the Municipalities often characterizes neo-liberal approaches. The main idea is that good life realizes in the presence of benefit maximizing and economic growth. These efforts often fail to succeed, and these young people are pushed further into marginalized positions. This project is a collaboration between a non-government Organisation Muhabet and The Department of Social Work. The methods in the project is inspired from Robert Jungks Future workshop. The main methodical concept is to create a space where participants articulate wishes for their future. Participation increases the interest and motivation for individual changes (Jungk 1998:8). The project create spaces where young people invites to articulate hopes and wishes for the future. The participant’s vulnerabilities and cross-cultural and possible exile experiences are seen as important qualities that upon up for reflections over wishes for the future. The theoretical approach reflects Martha C. Nussbaum's theory of social justice and the good life. Nussbaum argues that, each individual must be able to choose and realize the capacities and life potentials that lead to the good life for him or her. The conditions of opportunity are constituted in interaction between personal abilities and the political-social and economic environment that characterizes the present society (Nussbaums 2011). Based on the theoretical and methodological approach this project argues that the idea of the good life realizes in the presence between individual needs and desires and normative standards for living.
StatusUdgivet - 2019
BegivenhedETMU 2019: Solidarity, Participation, and Politics - University of Tampere, Tampere, Finland
Varighed: 14 nov. 201915 nov. 2019
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KonferenceETMU 2019
LokationUniversity of Tampere


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