Når faglige krav begrænser lærernes relationer til unge i udskolingen: Analyse af et udviklingsarbejde centreret om relationer som ’genveje’ til at nå faglige mål

Publikation: Bidrag til tidsskriftTidsskriftsartikelForskningpeer review


This article is based on the PhD thesis 'Practice development in spite of – confronted by conflictual practice in the primary school' and is a revised version of the PhD defense held at DPU in Emdrup on December 17, 2021. The article deals with a se-lected analysis and discussion of a development project where the teacher, Karin, works to strengthen relationships with young people who do not participate actively in the lessons, even if they are physically present. The starting point for the develop-ment work is Karin's perspectives on organizational, didactic and pedagogical dilem-mas rooted in the specific school's practice. In addition, the common 'productive needs' (Osterkamp, 1975-6), i.e. the young people's and Karin's need to expand their availability over the conditions that they are both subject to and sometimes create through their participation in the teaching of mathematics. In the article, these 'pro-ductive needs' are about expanding the class community and creating space for dia-logue about both academic and social matters, as a way to increase the young people's commitment. Especially for those who have linguistic or/and mathematical difficul-ties. The article shows how Karin, with reference to a selected research article, ex-periments with including the young people's perspectives on their learning and try out new didactic activities aimed at expanding the participation opportunities for both Karin and the young people - and not least the relationships between them. Research shows that the work with relationships in primary schools acts as a kind of 'valve' (Böwadt et al., 2019, p. 82) that reduces the strain from a time- and resource-pres-sured everyday life, making it possible to expand paradoxical dualities in the teacher's working life. The goal of the article is to inspire the development of new options for teachers, pedagogues, PPR psychologists and resource persons, despite the limita-tions of the primary school's current organization, which supports the relationship work, the young people's engagement in the primary school and the development of an inclusive learning environment in the primary school.
TidsskriftNordiske udkast
Udgave nummer1
Antal sider22
StatusUdgivet - 2023


  • Skoler, fag og institutioner
  • Praksisforskning
  • inkluderende læringsmiljøer
  • lærer-elev relationer
  • praksisudvikling