National survey: Genetic Knowledge of Danish Nurses - Needs and Reality

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The continuous progress in opportunities within whole genome sequencing, genomic assays, and development of low-cost genetic techniques presents the Danish healthcare system with new prospects and challenges. One of these is the growing need for all healthcare personnel to have knowledge of basic genetics, diagnostic principles, and insight into ethical, judicial and socioeconomic aspects of genetic diagnostics and testing.
Nurses are often regarded as the health professionals whom the patient trusts to provide and make sense of genetic information. They would often be called upon to provide further clarification, give information about future prospects and support the patient in his or her reflections about the possible ethical and social implications of this information for the index person as well as the relatives.
Whether the Danish nursing education is meeting these demands is not clear. Hence, the present research project aims to examine the level and particular subject matters of genetic teaching in the nursing teaching curriculum in Danish schools of nursing. This will be done using a survey. The goal is to uncover the range and level of genetic knowledge among recently graduated Danish nurses, and to clarify and discuss whether these findings match the present and future healthcare system’s needs. The aim is ultimately to qualify the genetics curriculum in Danish nursing schools in order to satisfy the client or patient’s need for proper information and excellent nursing care.
Publikationsdato3 nov. 2017
StatusUdgivet - 3 nov. 2017
Begivenhed2017 ISONG World Congress

: Precision Nursing: Through Research, Education and Practice
- Hyatt Regency Reston, Reston, USA
Varighed: 3 nov. 20175 nov. 2017


Konference2017 ISONG World Congress

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