Natural Parameterization: A novel approach for imitating physical objects

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The objective of this project has been to develop an approach for imitating physical objects with an underlying stochastic variation. The key assumption is that a set of “natural parameters” can be extracted by a new subdivision algorithm so they reflect what is called the object’s “geometric DNA”. A case study on one hundred wheat grain cross- sections (Triticum aestivum) showed that it was possible to extract thirty-six such parameters and to reuse them for Monte Carlo simulation of “new” stochastic phantoms which possess the same stochastic behavior as the “original” cross-sections.
Udgivelses stedDepartment of Engineering - Mechanical Engineering, Aarhus University
ForlagAarhus Universitet
Antal sider252
StatusUdgivet - 2013
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BegivenhedNatural Parameterization -
Varighed: 1 jan. 2013 → …
NavnTechnical report ME-TR-5


KonferenceNatural Parameterization
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