Negotiating state, citizen and professional agency in Danish pre-schools and education

Gitte Sommer Harrits, Mathilde Cecchini

Publikation: Konferencebidrag uden forlag/tidsskriftPaper/skriftligt oplægForskningpeer review


Many recent studies point toward the emergence of hybridity as a response to complex demands and logics confronting professional practice. However, fewer studies move beyond the identification and description of institutional hybrid logics and the interconnectedness of different goals and logics in professional work. In this paper, we therefore try to move beyond description and ask: How is hybridity established and negotiated in professional work within pre-schools and education? We answer this question by zooming in on a specific case, namely professional practice
in Danish public schools. We re-analyze existing data to explore how pre-school teachers and schoolteachers use, move between, negotiate and reconcile different logics when performing and discussing professional work. Building on the results of the explorative analysis, we discuss how to theoretically understand and conceptualize the establishment and negotiation of hybrid logics in professional practice. Here, we rely on the notion of state and citizen agency as suggested by Musheno and Maynard-Moody (1999, 2003, 2012), and develop the concept of professional agency to supplement these concepts. Finally, we discuss how to conceptualize ways in which different forms of agency are negotiated, and how the institutional context may influence or condition this negotiation.
Publikationsdatojul. 2019
Antal sider13
StatusUdgivet - jul. 2019
BegivenhedISA RC52 Interim Meeting - University of Florence, Florence, Italien
Varighed: 4 jul. 20196 jul. 2019


KonferenceISA RC52 Interim Meeting
LokationUniversity of Florence


  • Ledelse, organisationsudvikling og innovation
  • Uddannelse, professioner og erhverv


Harrits, G. S., & Cecchini, M. (2019). Negotiating state, citizen and professional agency in Danish pre-schools and education. Afhandling præsenteret på ISA RC52 Interim Meeting, Florence, Italien.