Livslang karriere som lærer: Vejledning til livslang karriere

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    Network 25: Guidance and counselling. Abstract. New qualified teachers´ possibilities to get foothold in a lifelong career course Over a period of years the level of education in lot of European countries has grown but not in the same degree in Denmark. Therefore, politicians call attention to this: The level of education and competencies has to be raised the next years. At the same time, we know, that the quality of the teaching is the most important factor for pupils´ effort and outcome of learning (Nordenbo, 2008; Hermansen, 2007; Darling Hammond & Brasford, 2005; Alto P., 2002 Robinson, 2011): Research shows a big need for support to guarantee the professional development of new educated teachers and to remain teachers in work (Britton et al. 2003; European Commission, 2010, 2013; Frederiksen, 2009). Research also shows, that in schools where you find supervision and feedback-sessions the colleagues in between, in schools that have an ethos, that encourages to professional development and that arrange possibilities for induction programs, here the teachers have a continuous professional development (European Commission Staff Working Document SEC, 2010 and Wang and Odell, 2007). In Denmark you only find few decentralized initiatives concerning Teacher induction programs. In Center for profession and education, in the program “mentoring and counselling” we have established a research project in cooperation with The National Union of Teacher concerning teacher induction programs in Denmark. The purpose is to develop and test a prototype of a Danish version of teacher – induction – program. A program that has focus on new educated teachers´ competencies and carrier development. A part of this project is to investigate circumstances in teacher induction programs, that are important for new educated teachers’ possibilities to get a foothold in the profession. A part of this project is therefor to investigate what international research has found out about this. Therefore, a part of this project is to make a review about this. The question of the review has been: What importance and satisfacition do teacher induction programs and other kinds of support have for new educated teachers´ possibilities for retention in the job and for their professional, personal and social development? In our review we have included only peer reviewed meta-analysis, meta-synthesis, systematical reviews and overviews about the importance of support from Europe, New Zealand, Australian, USA and Canada. Published in the years 2006-2016. The following themes emerged: - Generalized research - Continuum from education to profession - To learn to teach - Mentorship - School culture and context - Observation - Structured collaboration - Variation in part elements of the teacher induction programs The themes (except mentorship, that have an own presentation) will be clarified in the presentation
    Bidragets oversatte titelLivslang karriere som lærer: Vejledning til livslang karriere
    Publikationsdato23 mar. 2017
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    StatusUdgivet - 23 mar. 2017
    Begivenhedkonference NERA 2017 - København, Danmark
    Varighed: 23 mar. 201725 mar. 2017


    Konferencekonference NERA 2017