Newly qualified teachers´ possibilities to get foothold in a lifelong career course

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Keyword: Induction program, newly qualified teachers, NQT, retention, professional development
In Contrary to many other countries in Europe Denmark does not have any kind of national program regarding teacher induction program (TIP) or support in general to newly qualified teachers what so ever. At municipality level TIPs appear quite arbitrarily and very different in content (Hedegaard 2010).

As a consequence Center for Profession and Education’s program “Mentoring and Counselling” has established a research project in cooperation with Danish Union of Teachers concerning teacher induction programs in Denmark. The project is called: Newly Qualified Teachers´ Possibilities to get Foothold in a Lifelong Career Course. The project has linked up with an expert group consisting of Independent Schools Teachers Union, Headmaster Association - Head of administration association for the area, The Ministry of Education, Research Ministry and Danish Evaluation Institute. The expert group is supposed to act as a monitoring and sparring partner without influencing the research as such especially.
The purpose of the program is to develop and to test a Danish version prototype of Teacher Induction Program, focusing on newly qualified teachers´ competencies and carrier development.
As a part of this project we are doing a national survey on: How and to what extent are beginning teachers in Denmark supported during the first three years of their professional life? The survey will cover newly qualified teachers´ work conditions from their own perspective as well as from a school management perspective.
In addition to the survey the program is preparing a review on international research on (titlen på reviewet)
The survey is worked out based on our review and other surveys, the TALIS report, Report from Danish Institutes of Evaluation and an evaluation of graduated teachers in a teacher education perspective.
We would like to present some the results from the survey and perspective the outcomes in the shape of initiative taken together with a Danish municipality concerning development and test of a Danish version of induction program.
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StatusUdgivet - 2017
BegivenhedECER 2017: Reforming Education and the Imperative of Constant Change: Ambivalent roles of policy and educational research - København, Danmark
Varighed: 22 aug. 201725 aug. 2017


KonferenceECER 2017


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